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Why We Play

Why We Play

Injury/Concussion Prevention

Mayo Clinic Study - Football just as safe as any other high school activity.  

No link between High School Football and CTE/cognitive ability

You can love football and the brain too - Star Tribune Article by Dr. Francis Shen - University of Minnesota

Anoka HS Football Injury Statistics (All-Players)

HEAD (6 total) (4.6%)

Concussions: 6 verified

MUSCLE (8 total) (6%)

Hip: 3

Shoulder: 2

Groin: 1

Calf: 2

NON-MUSCLE (Bone, Ligament, Tendon, Cartilage, etc) (10 total) (7.6%)

Finger/Knuckle: 2

Nose: 1

Wrist: 1

Foot (ankle, toe, etc): 3

Knee: 2

Vertebrae: 1