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Expense Reimbursement for 2018 Season

Anyone needing reimbursement for expenses for the 2018 season need to get their receipts to Deb Day by December 15. Receipts submitted later than that will not be reimbursed.

Clarification for Smashburger Offer on A Card

The  "Free Entrée" is  a basic "Craft Your Own Burger". Toppings are available for an additional charge.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Scott Springer

Parent's Names - Angie and Todd Springer

Favorite memory of football - Boot Camp with the Boys

Why you wanted to be a captain - I believe I am a good leader and I can help pick up this team when they are down and help them become better competitors and men in general.  

What is the legacy you hope to leave - I hope when I leave people will remember me for being a hard worker and always giving it 100% in everything and also for being a great leader on and off the field.  

Favorite football player - Xavier Rhodes

Favorite quote - "Dont' aspire to be the best on the team.  Aspire to be the best for the team”

Registration Definition

All "registrations" on this site are for Booster Club use and events only. To register your student to play football click here.

Purchase an A Card

This year's A Card is $20. To purchase one or
to see this year's discount, click

    The Mission of Anoka Football

    Anoka football strives to develop student athletes to be successful contributors to society.  Our goal is to align positive values, academic excellence, and servant leadership for the betterment of their families and community.

    Meet our Captains

    Joey Lombard

    Parent's Names - Paul and Sally Lombard

    Favorite memory of football - Beating Champlin Park for the Pumpkin Bowl

    Why you wanted to be a captain - Because I know my leadership can help the team.

    What is the legacy you hope to leave - I want to be the best lineman to ever play at Anoka.  

    Favorite football player - Tom Brady

    Favorite quote - "It’s easy to love the game on Friday nights, someone who truly loves the game, loves the game monday through sunday through thick and thin”- Unknown 

    Colby Njos

    Parent's Names - Matt and Mandy Njos

    Favorite memory of football - Every Friday night at Goodrich.  There is nothing like it.  

    Why you wanted to be a captain - I want this team to continue to develop a winning attitude and lead by example with my work ethic and my passion for football and competing.  

    What is the legacy you hope to leave - You don't have to be the  biggest guy on the field to be the best guy on the field.  

    Favorite football player - Harrison Smith

    Favorite quote - "Tell yourself you feel good even when you don't”- Coach Lucas Murray

    Godo Jiggo

    Parents - Anna and Caesar Godo

    Favorite Memory - Boot camp Sophomore year getting to spend three days sweaty and dirty with my brothers.  

    Why you wanted to be a captain - I want to lead my teammates and leave a legacy of hard work and success and be a positive influence on the younger kids.  

    Favorite Player - Von Miller

    Favorite Quote - You can't have a million dollar dream and a minimum wage work ethic.  

    • Community Clean-Up is Major Success

    • By Sam Lepa - Varsity Running Back Coach 05/21/2018, 9:00am CDT
    • Tree's planted, mulch spread, pool's opened, and a beaver dam taken out. Just a few of the items accomplished at Community Cleanup.
    • Read More

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