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Anoka Football A Cards

Did we miss you with our door-to-door sales campaign for the Football A Card. If so, and you want one, please contact: Dawn Heidemann. Cards are $20 each and good August 2019 - 2020.

See below for a list of vendors and their offers.

Visit the Anoka Football Team Stores

Get your official Anoka Football Nike Gear here!

Visit the Anoka Football Color on Color Store

This is a second team store featuring items with a little more subtle look with the color on color team shield.

The Mission of Anoka Football

Anoka Football will Pursue Greatness with Relentless Effort, Positive Attitude, and Trust in our Family. 
We will attack life the Way of the Tornado with Great Integrity and No Excuses.

Spaghetti Dinners

Parents of Sophomores playing up (the coach will have notified them), Juniors and Seniors please send payment of $65, for a season's worth of spaghetti dinners, with your son to the first dinner on Wednesday, August 28.

September Booster Club Meeting

Monday, September 2, 6:30 pm
Basement at Billly's

Countdown to Kickoff


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